Pismatex holds the principles of winning since an extended time. The five commitments are always implemented by the eight companies under Pisma Group:

Market Dominance

Since its establishment, Pismatex has confirmed its supremacy in Indonesian sarong market, both in quantity (sales volume that controls 40% of market) and quality (people perceives Gajah Duduk as the most prestigious brand).


Pismatex prioritizes a sustainable innovation, in order to create customer good that can be used in a long term. Product’s long durability is mainly from the function and design trends.


Everything started with a good purpose. Pismatex has begun from the noble purpose to answer the market needs about quality and preserves the Indonesian cultures.

Customer Loyalty

Customer is a worthwhile investment company. Their trust to Pismatex’s product will be answered by high quality products and its best services. For the reason that, maintaining customer loyalty is a top priority of Pismatex.

Overall Market Acceptance

The quality and innovative products will be useless if people are not willing to accept them. Therefore, Pismatex always tries to offer the best products based on the need and want of the market.