Question about Pismatex

What is the product of Pismatex?
Pismatex produces sarong in medium to premium quality.

How does the procedure if my company want to become a distributor of Gajah Duduk sarongs?
Please contact Pismatex's headquarters:
Jl. WR. Supratman 112 Surabaya 60264, Jawa Timur - Indonesia
Telephone: +62 31 5688818, +62 31 5688828
Email: info@pismagroup.co.id
Website: www.pismagroup.co.id

How long it takes for Pismatex to fulfill any orders?
If the stock is still remains, your order can be directly served. In addition, the location of delivery affect the delivery time.

Does Pismatex serve retail reservations?
No. But you can buy at the retails in one of our retailers (modern market). See the list on this website.

Where can I get a list price of Gajah Duduk products?
If you want to know the price of Gajah Duduk products, please contact our sales department at the following address:
Jl. Bligo - Sapugarut Buaran Pekalongan 51157
Central Java - Indonesia
Telephone: +62 285 421896
Fax : +62 285 425202  

What are the types of products from Gajah Duduk?

To view the types of products can be seen on the menu of products on this website or you can directly contact us at info@pismagroup.co.id